Visit Tempio Bonvicino


An harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, our menu offers the possibility to taste some local dishes with a modern twist and new combinations. Many traditional products are handmade with imagination and inventiveness. We make aMing wood-fired oven Pizza.

Loc. Bonvicino – Km. 39,600 – SS. 127 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 67 40 65
Mail: bonvicino.fq@libero.it
Website: www.ristorantebonvicino.it
Fb: Ristorante Pizzeria Bonvicino 

Visit Tempio Il Melograno

Il Melograno

Fish and meat menu, fresh fish and traditional Gallura Cuisine. The menu is built according to the season using local products and international certified products. A large wine cellar with over 150 wines to choose from. We prepare pizzas as well.

V. Vittorio Emanuele – Nuchis
Tel: +30 079 67 40 43
Mobile: +39 346 07 92 593
Website: www.hotelilmelograno.net
Fb: Il Melograno

Visit Tempio La Fonte

La Fonte

La Fonte Pizza e Griglia with a lovely summer terrace, is located at the beginning of Fonte Nuova. Wood-fired oven pizza, the possibility to enjoy a gluten-free pizza, delicious barbecues, and a la carte menu. Reasonable prices for everyone.

Largo De Gasperi – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 32 74
Fb: La Fonte 

Visit Tempio Li Tre Funtani

Li Tre Funtani

The restaurant offers a typical Sardinian cuisine, including grilled meat and grilled fresh fish from our sea. You can also enjoy pizza. The restaurant is available for parties, birthdays, graduations, bachelor parties.
Professional and qualified staff.

Località la Milizzana – Tempio Pausania
Movile: +39 340 21 51 702 – +39 333 61 26 462
Fb: Li Tre Funtani 

Visit Tempio Pepe rosso


Pizzeria restaurant and bar, a beautiful place located in the middle of Fonte Nuova. Open for lunch and dinner, with a large veranda. Pizzas cooked in the wood oven, typical Gallura’s dishes and regional fresh ingredients, meat and fish menu, available for ceremonies.

Viale Fonte Nuova – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 91 378
Website: www.peperossotempio.com

Visit Tempio Trattoria la Gallurese

Trattoria la Gallurese

Trattoria specializes in traditional Gallura’s dishes. Local dishes home cooked, such as the Zuppa gallurese, handmade gnocchi and ravioli, large portions and affordable prices. Authentic and genuine cuisine made with fresh ingredients.

Via Novara 2, Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 93 012

 Visit Tempio Sapore di Pizza

Sapore di Pizza

Pizzeria take away within a few seats, classical and giant pizzas. We prepare the fainè, a kind of pie made with chickpea flour. On request, craft handmade bread with semolina pasta and chunky bread.

Via Villamarina, 3 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 67 12 54

Visit Tempio La Caffetteria della Piazza

La Caffetteria della Piazza

All day opening, a relaxed atmosphere where you can have breakfast with local pastries, pleasant place for a coffee break, an aperitif with Sardinian wines, after dinner with cocktails or ideal for a tasty lunch. We organize themed events, art exhibition and tasting menu.

Piazza Gallura,18 – Tempio Pausania
Mobile: +39 349 61 15 239
Fb: Caffetteria della Piazza 

Visit Tempio Sporting pub

Sporting pub

Located in the center, the Sporting Pub, marked by an Irish style, offers hearty breakfasts and lunch set menu, combined dishes to choose from. It also great just to enjoy a coffee, an aperitif or a digestif, during a moment of relaxation or a business break.

Piazza Don Minzoni, 12 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 04 54

Visit Tempio La mia cucina

La mia cucina

Located in the heart of the historical center, we offer takeaway food with a predilection for strong tasting dishes and fresh fish. Appetizers, main, second course dishes and pizzas. Also, we prepare handmade sweets and other delicacies.

Piazza Don Minzoni, 3 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 07 69

Visit Tempio Bonvicino

C'era Una Volta

Fine cuisine, genuine products, which draws from the Gallura’s tradition and beyond. The careful search for raw materials, the attention to the preparation and presentation of the dishes and combinations of flavors create an experience for all the senses. Ideal for business lunch, ceremonies and receptions, with the possibility of agreeing the menu directly with chef.


Largo Alcide De Gasperi 9/11 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 11 34 – +39 079 63 17 60
Visit Tempio Golden Gate

Golden Gate

An ideal place to spend a pleasant evening, for parties, gatherings and events. A wonderful location and excellent level of cuisine. The Golden Gate Restaurant gives you the right balance of richness of detail and understated elegance. Also ideal for meetings and business meetings.

S.S. 127 Sassari-Tempio – Bortigiadas
Tel: +30 079 62 71 74
Mobile: +39 349 84 91 765
Website: www.hotelgoldengate.it
Fb: Ristorante Golden Gate 

Visit Tempio Il Trenino

Il Trenino

Pizzeria located in the heart of Tempio, mainly prepare classic pizzas, gluten-free and lactose-free, using only quality products. The cuisine is both typical and national. We organize catering, even at home.

Piazza Gallura, 11 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 09 85
Mobile: +39 348 95 02 577

Visit Tempio La Pineta

La Pineta

Closed to the tree-lined street Fonte Nuova, warm and friendly environment. Good pizzas cooked in a wood oven and sea food and meat  restaurant, dishes cooked with fresh products. Gluten-free pizzas available.

Via San Lorenzo,17 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 05 70
Fb: La Pineta 

Visit Tempio Master pizza

Master pizza

Cozy and comfortable place. We offer mouth-watering pasta dishes, Sardinian meat and fish, accompanied by side dishes. 48 types of pizza prepared with passion and love.

Circ. ne San Sebastiano, 16 – Tempio Pausania
Mobile: +39 380 75 54 745
Fb: Master Bar RistoPizza 

Visit Tempio Punto ristoro Nuraghe Majore

Punto ristoro Nuraghe Majore

In the countryside, near the homonym nuraghe.
The restaurant offers traditional gallura’s flavors, meat, cheese and fine wines, all served on the rustic and original cork trays. Main dishes, grilled dishes and set menu. Friendly place and qualified staff.

Loc. Nuraghe Majore, Tempio-Palau km 2 – Tempio Pausania
Mobile: +39 320 30 60 634
Fb: Punto di ristoro “Nuraghe Majori” ristorante  

Visit tempio Il Fagotto


Pizzeria take-away, offers classic and giant pizzas and a wide choice of focaccia with various flavors (peppers, onions, potatoes), focaccia with tomato and ham and saltimbocca.

Piazza Italia, 11 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 35 24
Fb: Il Fagotto 

Visit tempio Pizzeria Panetteria Bosco

Pizzeria Panetteria Bosco

Pizzeria take away with sitting area. Round pizza, pan baked pizza, special bread made with Integral Bio Spelt, Rye Loaf Wholegrain Organic, Organic Bread Old cereal, bread Ricotta and more. Home delivery orders and boozing via Facebook.

Via Vittorio Veneto, 4 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 24 94
Mobile: +39 328 86 63 039
Fb: pizzeria panetteria Bosco 

Visit tempio Living club cafè

Living club cafè

Open every day, cafeteria and modern, youthful pub. Various choices including pizzas, bruschettas, sandwiches and gluten-free meals,  daily menu at lunch. Every Saturday night we organize DJ night party and sometimes aperitif with buffet dinner.

Corso Matteotti, 11 – Tempio Pausania
Mobile: +39 392 69 37 240
Website: www.livingclub.it
Fb: Living Club TP 

 Visit Tempio Il Ghiottone

Il Ghiottone

Here you can find every kind of delicacies, such as appetizers, main and second course dishes, fresh bread, fresh homemade pasta and sweets. We produce, also, fresh pasta and desserts for gluten intolerant.

Circonvallazione San Giuseppe,16 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 41 24 184
Fb: Il Ghiottone 

 Visit Tempio Prontocotto


Nearby Piazza Faber, our kitchen offers a wide choice of take-away seafood, meat and traditional Gallura dishes, prepared with such passion as you do them at home. Also we prepare roast chicken, pizzas and desserts. Upon request, catering service available.

Via Mannu, 4 – Tempio Pausania
Mobile: +39 342 57 64 359
Fb: Prontocotto  

Visit Tempio Il Giardino

Il Giardino

Traditional Gallura Cuisine, fresh homemade pasta. Different types of menus, such as set menu, fresh fish menu, meat menu and Gallura’s salami. Tasting menu with local products and pizza.

Via Cavour, 10 – Tempio Pausania
Mobile: +39 327 20 57 756
Fb: Il Giardino

Visit Tempio L’Agnata di De Andrè

L’Agnata di De Andrè

The restaurant offers Sardinian cuisine, voted to the simplicity and genuineness and made from raw ingredients chosen with care, from small sardinian manifactures. From breakfast to a light lunch on the veranda or a romantic dinner in front of a bottle of wine, everything is full of taste.

Località San Bachisio – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 67 13 84 – +39 079 63 41 25
Mail: info@agnata.com
Website: www.agnata.com
Fb: L’Agnata di De Andrè  

 Visit Tempio Pizzeria d'asporto da Palitta


Takeaway wood-oven pizza with sitting area. Classic pizza, calzone and pizza sandwich, pizza dessert as special.
Fresh and authentic quality products to ensure a fragrant, light and digestible pizza.

Circonvallazione San Giuseppe, 29 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 327 24 19 679
Fb: Palitta

Visit Tempio One Pub

One Pub

Bar, Pub, Pizzeria and Restaurant located a few steps from the historic center. Great pizza cooked in the wood oven. Tare away service. The downstairs room has big TV where you can watch the matches peacefully enjoying the meal.

Circonvallazione San Sebastiano, 34 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 67 02 24 – +39 079 63 08 74

Visit Tempio Trattoria Bisson

Trattoria Bisson

Located in the heart of the historic center, where you can eat excellent homemade food. The atmosphere is welcoming, kind and friendly staff; you can enjoy fresh fish, tasty seafood appetizers and vegetarian, simple and hearty main dishes, and lightly pan-fried dishes. Excellent value for money.

Via San Luca,18 – Tempio Pausania
Mobile: .+39 392 28 79 521
Fb: Trattoria Bisson 

 Visit Tempio Il Pizzicotto

Il Pizzicotto

Pizzeria take away with wide choice of regular and giant pizzas. Different menus, children menu and weekly offers. Combined dishes, different varieties of sandwiches, delicacies and pudding, seafood (octopus and mixed seafood), snacks and ice cream. Large sitting area to enjoy the mail on site.

Viale Don Sturzo, 22 – Tempio Pausania
Mobile: +39 347 50 46 372 – +39 327 58 23 60
Fb: Il Pizzicotto pizzeria paninoteca focacceria-Tempio Pausania 

Visit tempio Friends Cafè

Friends Cafè

Open every day, we prepare excellent breakfast and cafeteria such as chocolate, coffee, soft drinks, even intolerant. Lunch with set menu, spaghetti 250 grams and salads. Every Thursday we organize aperitif with live music.

Viale Valentino, 17 – Tempio Pausania
Mobile: +39 380 38 34 403
Fb: Friends Cafe  

Visit Tempio Museum


In the historical center, in front of the Town Hall, the bar offers a different set menu at lunch and combined dishes, wholesome breakfasts, welcoming atmosphere and an air-conditioned veranda.

Piazza Gallura, 27 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 67 10 83

Visit Tempio La gastronomica di Russino

La gastronomica di Russino

Nearby Corso Matteotti, the Gastronomica offers a variety of delicacies and take-away foods including appetizers, main and second course dishes. We organize buffet for occasional parties, baptisms and communions. Also, we prepare pizzas and roast chickens.

Via Amsicora,18 -Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 079 63 18 86
Fb: La Gastronomica 

Visit Tempio Street Food – Comida do Mundo

Street Food – Comida do Mundo

We are proud to offer our customers one of the most important innovations in the culinary field: low temperature cooking or slow cooking. You can taste several types of sandwich with different combinations of tastes and flavors. First-class products, warm and friendly staff. Also suitable for those with gluten intolerance!

Via Mazzini, 17 – Tempio Pausania
Tel: +39 347 68 43 564
Fb: Street Food