From the coast to the inland,

travelling to the Stone City

Harmonious granite facade and flowered balconies,

distinctive and unique historic city center

Pleasant green spaces in the city center,

unforgettable summer walks

Folk festivals,

traditions and culture have always lived in the soul of Tempio people

Masks and magic Carnival,

art and fun for six long days

The Limbara, majestic and fascinating mountain,

90 km of trails for fans of the enchanted nature

Tempio Pausania

Fresh mountain air, healthy spring water, the beautiful historic city center made of stone and surrounding greenery. Tempio has become one of the Sardinia’s most charming town.

Identity and Culture

A living heritage and strong ties characterize the city and its inhabitants, a collective and shared memory, anchored to tempiese dialect, old crafts and storytelling of ancient past, which, all together, form the soul of Tempio

Old Town

In contradiction to the global world, Tempio lives the Old Town, recognizes and values ​​its prestige. The old town was and remains the active hub of the town, where beauty is an ideal value

Green Spaces

The magic of the granite joins the beauty of the tree-lined streets, city parks and the majesty of a wonderful mountain, with beautiful forests and sublime landscapes