Popular festivals

S. Paolo Eremita e Beata Vergine di Buoncammino

Every year on late august is celebrated the feast in honor of the Tempio patron saints. The first day of the event starts with the flags parade, from the house of the caretaker of the flag of Madonna di Buoncammino goes to the house of the caretaker of the flag of San Paolo eremita, after their meeting, together they reach, through the historic center, the Church of Sant’Antonio, where the flags are deposited, waiting for the blessing, followed by Vespers in honor of the saints. The first day of festivities ends with a show.

The next day starts with a procession in the old town of folk groups, the knights and the musical band, followed by the Holy Mass celebrated by the bishop, followed by a tasty and traditional lunch. In the evening take place the vespers for la Madonna di Buoncammino in the Church of Sant’Antonio, followed by music and events.

The last day ends with the traditional procession in the old town, the Holy Mass in the Church of Sant’Antonio, games for children in the afternoon and evening event.

Sant'Isidoro Agricoltore

The first weekend of September is celebrated the feast of Sant’Isidoro; The first day is animated by events and music through the city streets.

The next night the flags procession starts from the house of Obriere to the Church of San Francesco for the flags blessing, the City Band of Tempio accompanies the procession, followed by street shows.

The final day of festivities closes with the traditional and characteristic procession in honor of Sant’Isidoro farmer which starts from the Church of San Francesco and passing through the downtown streets, participating the traditional “carri a boi”, folklorists groups, the knights, the Gabriel Choir and other guests, the Group of Devotees of St. Isidore and the Musical Band of Tempio.

During the parade are distributed bunches of wheat ears, which represent the traditional symbol of Farmers. The procession ends with the celebration of Holy Mass in the Church of San Francesco. Following the typical outdoor dining, children’s play in the afternoon and to conclude the evening show.

Via Crucis

Tempio celebrates its Holy Week, that begins on Holy Thursday with the Chrism Mass in the Cathedral, to bless the oil for confirmations.

The most important day is the Holy Friday which is characterized by the Via Crucis and the ritual of “Sgraamentu.” The Via Crucis cross the historic center with the simulacra of the grieving Virgin and the Crucified Christ, accompanied by the brotherhoods and the hooded penitents in traditional white robe, accompanied by archaic and poignant melodies, followed by the ritual of “Sgraamentu” deposition of Christ from the cross and its burial.

The most impressive moment is the encounter between the Virgin and the risen Christ, who after two separate processions meet in Piazza Gallura “l’Intoppu” followed by Holy Mass in Cattedrale di San Pietro.

Beata Vergine Maria Bambina

On September 6, begin the celebrations for the Feast of Maria Bambina with games for children, Holy Mass with Homily at San Giuseppe Church, and musical concert to follow.

The following day, in addition to children’s games in the afternoon and the Holy Mass, the evening ends with spectacular fireworks and street dances and music.

The most important day, the final one, includes the games for children, the solemn celebration presided over by the bishop, the suggestive candlelight procession accompanying the B.V. Maria Bambina and concludes with an evening event in her honor.